Halloween Carnaval 2017

I attended this Halloween Carnaval event on Halloween with some friends in West Hollywood, and it was so much fun!! This was our first time going and I was amazed by how many people were there. The parking was kind of bad, but it was worth it! In fact, several streets were shut down for this event and there must have been thousands of people there. When my friends and I first entered, one of my friends was immediately frightened and we bursted out in laughter. Some random person spontaneously scared her and it was super funny! We then ventured around the whole event and saw many interesting costumes. What made this event super fun was the fact that there were so many people walking around in costumes within a close vicinity. Most of the costumes were very creative and I really liked some of them. There must have been thousands of people there and it was really fun!😄😎 There was also a neat setup that people took pictures in front of, and when I took pictures with friends, these pictures often got photobombed.

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